Mancini describes him as a predestined place and gave him confidence even from one ‘.

Although driven by good intentions, his action is deplorable and can not get by without disciplinary action. We know that he will learn from this lesson and we look forward to finding him in October. ” Lahyani will return to the Stockholm Open, October 15. Gasport

February 22, 2019 – Milan Giampaolo Pazzini, 34, Verona striker. Lapresse Eventually the tangle unravels the usual Pazzini. So the Verona got through a good Salernitana in anticipation of the 25th day, winning three key points for the race for the Serie A: waiting for the races tomorrow, gialloblù Grosso engage the Benevento with 39 and lie in wait for the top spot , that is only four points. first time – First ring 10 ‘weblog Verona, the header of Bianchetti flies over the crossbar.

Five minutes later the response of Salernitana, entrusted to the feet of Yallow: right turn from outside the box just wide, shivering at the Bentegodi. The Gambian striker is the most dangerous of the grenade, and in fact, 25 ‘, converge from the right and let fly a right but Silvestri neutralizes without much difficulty. The Verona wakes up and goes very close to the lead 38 ‘: Pazzini hook that serves Gustafson, but Micai saves on the right of Swedish.

The first half ended with another thrill for Salernitana: Migliorini, with a back-heel, he threatens the own goal. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV later – The second half started with a good chance to Gustafson, whose low right ends just wide. At 53 ‘the bells skim 1-0: Casasola striking his head, narrowly missing Minala the winning deviation. At 56 ‘the clearest chance so far of the game, the protagonist still Gustafson that, this time, guilty of sending waste to the side his shot from a good position.

But 1xbet limits the regrets of Verona last long: 69 ‘Pazzini finds tap-in winner after a double rebound, pursuing the Scala and deciding in fact the game. It happens little or nothing in the rest of the race, the double expulsion of Empereur and Casasola: Pazzini-goals (standing-ovation upon exit from the field), thanks Grosso. Gasport

August 15, 2016 – Milan GalleriaRio track: The omnium is blue with Elia Viviani “It’s almost unbelievable, I still have not figured out what’s going on,” said Elia Viviani as soon as the award Olympic dell’omnium which won few minutes before. “I won the most important race of my life, I thought it was four years ago only to this medal. It is true that you had to settle for silver and bronze, but I wanted the gold.” The 27 year old has been collected from colleagues compliment: “I have seen many athletes who came to hug me.” The thought of Olympian then went to the people to thank in a far from trivial: “I spent so much time and I believe that my merit is to have us always believed, you always have to support Marco (Villa, the national coach track, ed.) And the group of young national team in pursuit of the improvements i have them in Ganna (individual pursuit world champion, ed.) Have the quartet here has been very supportive.

And thanks to my family and Elena ( Cecchini, engaged in the race in the female line, ed) who manage and keep quiet in times of panic. ” Rio 2016: Viviani, tears at the end of the race fall and joy – On race focused on the ultimate delight but started from the fall that could jeopardize everything and after which he kept firmly nerves, indeed, “I was a bit ‘ shocked because they do not know what can happen. I saw that the bike have had no place.

I also took a tour to see how the body was, I thought that I was the leader and I could not give up. the adrenaline, from then , it rose even more. Then with 20 laps, when I did the sprint, I realized that there would have done more and I also enjoyed the last 10 laps. ” It then came the time of the budget: “I lost a World of half wheel in London and if I had time I’ve done here I would get another gold medal. I think this closes the first chapter of my career.

I will always be part of the track but I have other goals. I’d say go on the road with this medal is the greatest thing. ” And then again a thought to the younger generation of the track, Ganna, Consonni, Bertazzo, Lamon and Scartezzini: “In Tokyo (home of 2020 Olympics, ed) the children of the quartet can get on the podium. I will always help track for what we can serve. ” Villa – Even for c.t. Villa track gold Viviani is a moment of great satisfaction: “It is certainly well deserved.

It is six years since we work there. Elijah did not think of this race in the last two months has been in the wind tunnel last year and this year. it was a bit ‘in credit. gold pays him. ” A joy that rewards the work of many other people: “Surely we have worked in so many: the improvements in the quartet, the results of the juniors, the under 23. It is a movement that is growing and we hope that does not stop around here.” On the Verona c. t. said: “It is happy.

It made the perfect race. When I saw who attacked Gaviria and Hansen did not go into a panic, he waited. Unlike other years he waited for them.” Although well as Villa had more of a thrill when the Veronese is over ground mowed by the Korean Park bike: “When he fell to the ground it was a bad time because a drop like that made it to Melbourne when he was in the lead and he chipped the basin. ” Rio 2016: Viviani, bad fall in the race to Malagò points – The CONI president Giovanni Malago spoke of “unspeakable suffering, a Viviani to which we should never finish saying thank you.

By the fall we froze the blood. And then a medal for cycling after what we saw on the street. ” Cassani – For Davide Cassani c.t. National “we made honor, we did a great job.

It’s strange because on one individual race we have a medal for everyone: from Marco Villa to bad luck we’ve had on the road with Vincenzo Nibali. It is an award for all cycling” . Alessandro Conti  @ alfa_conti

March 23, 2019 – MilanoItalia-Finland, De Calo: “Stretcher more Kean, the beauty of Italy they like and grows” Even the youngest player to have ever scored with the national team was playing for Juventus. He played because Kean is not, as some might think tonight, but Bruno Nicolé. matter of months: good Moise has just turned 19 years while Nicolé left its mark a bit ‘before. It was 1958, we are talking about a football in black and white.

Sixty years later, the world is in color and the blue Kean triggers something inside. With that tonight, they have 22 goals between youth and more selections. Lots to think it’s just coincidence. “But there are still so many records to break eh”, he points after the race, as if to say that the best is yet to come. At 19, he certainly reason him.

The Kean goal against Finland. Ansa was born ready – In Juve has not played hardly ever in 2018. Then the goal in the Italian Cup at the first opportunity, in the cold of Bologna in January. It froze, Allegri has indeed removed from the freezer in the most delicate moment of the season, to catch his breath holders.

Only Kean now threatens to put him in trouble: it’s not that Moise is already at the level of Mandzukic and company? Maybe it’s early, but it sure was born ready. First as a starter in the league with Juventus and Udinese twice, first from 1 ‘in blue and goals to Finland. “I train with continuity and know me to find my place when you need it”, constantly repeats the Juventus striker.

Mancini describes him as a predestined place and gave him confidence even from one ‘. About place, I fielded a bit ‘set back, compared to the usual. Not striker, but almost wing. A little bad. “I play where the coach wants,” he is quick to point Kean. Just wearing the blue changes little: always marks anyway. As in the European Under-19 final, when with a shotgun nearly delivery to Italy the continental title.

Now the mission is another Euro, that of large, with 2020 as the date set on the calendar. It plans to be there, Moise. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL Christian TV – In the field seems arrogant in a good way, for that race overflowing, the habit of play that takes the eye, exuberant way to challenge your opponent in one against one. Outside, he is maturing, after a teenage prank (including expulsion from the withdrawal of Italy’s Under-19 before a friendly match with friend Scamacca) too.

Fortunately for him, arrived in Turin a decent mentor … “I learn from Cristiano Ronaldo, a sample so just watching him every day in training and makes you grow.” He must do it quietly.

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