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Six Essential Factors That Influences Your Health

Prohibitions on chemical work in agriculture extend only to age 16, and work by children and adolescents on their own family farms is unregulated at the national level. During 1992–1995, 155 deaths were reported among agricultural workers age 19 and younger; 64 of these youths were working in their family’s business . For each death, […]

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Disease Screening

That’s why there are a few key labs you should have done each year. There have been many studies of the effects of annual checkups. In general, they probably won’t help you stay well and live longer. For example, if you are young and do not have symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis read this , you […]

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Money Is Needed For Basic Survival

In my own experiences, I know I am limited in what I can achieve because of chronic health issues. I can’t be the person who stays blood pressure medications up until midnight and wakes up at 5am every day. I’ve learned to manage, and prioritize what I focus my time on. In some ways, it’s […]

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